hawaiianmermaid1 said: rule# 76: don't be afraid to wipeout!!! fear of this only makes it happen more

listen to her!!! and followwwww

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 10:18pm

Anonymous said: Can i surf on my period as long as i wear a tampon?!

i guess

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 05:50pm

Anonymous said: Hi! I'm 14 and I'm going to a surf camp this summer. I never surfed before. I feel like I may be starting too late :( When did you first start surfing? Any tips? (You're beautiful btw!)

Hey! I started surfing just at 14 as well! Be confident :) i’m pretty sure you will catch some big waves on surf camp! Good luck!

Wednesday Apr 4 @ 12:14am
Im back

Hey guys follow my new blog summergirlguide.tumblr.com please new updates about this page there!!!! Thanks

Monday Jan 1 @ 06:58pm

Anonymous said: I know its a crazy question but I want to be a surfer girl but I cant surf! ! And i have no possibilitys to learn it because I'm from Germany, so hiw can I be a surfer girl? ????

Okay first of all never loose hope cause I first was super scared when i learned to surf but you will make it im sure of it. Try look for seas or something near germany or tell your parents to take you to australia for vacations!! Hope this helps

Monday Jan 1 @ 06:33pm
Friday May 5 @ 11:17pm
Friday May 5 @ 11:10pm
This is how the new pictures about “Surfer Girl Things” segment will look like. Any suggestions?

This is how the new pictures about “Surfer Girl Things” segment will look like. Any suggestions?

Friday May 5 @ 11:05pm

Okay so I’m making the tips but I was also thinking about adding a new segment, like what about surfergirlthings segment in which I say for example “Thing #1: the feeling you get when you catch your first wave” or something like it! How does it sound? Would you guys like it? Feel free to inbox me and tell me what do you think of the new surfergirlguide blog ? :)

Friday May 5 @ 10:58pm
Friday May 5 @ 10:56pm
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